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Emergency communications call handling technology has changed, and your team is dedicated to delivering the same critical services. Your Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) needs to manage your legacy hardware infrastructure and expand to meet current NG911 demands. You need simple solutions that adjust to your team, minimize risk, and optimize services. We’ll partner with you to keep the chaos at bay.

With over 25 years of experience in the industry, we understand the needs of your team – that user experience, software, technology, and people integration go hand-in-hand. We have the expertise to design solutions that address your needs from top to bottom. Whether you choose from our suite of products or we design a unique solution for your PSAP, our call handling software integrates with virtually any third-party system.

Learn more about how to leverage our 911 solutions including Omni911, DoD 911, Campus 911 and Custom 911 solutions as well as our unique Migration and Integration Services.

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Omni911 software interface


MicroAutomation’s Omni911 – is a proven emergency call handling solution designed from the ground up for Next Generation 911 PSAPs. Omni911 is compliant with NENA i3 standards that will work with your existing infrastructure. Omni911 provides the reliability, flexibility and availability required for your operation while allowing for a seamless transition so your team can focus on saving lives and keeping the chaos at bay.

Our focus is on seamless integration, call handling, features and functions that are configurable, and proven compatibility and compliance that you can depend on. We also have crafted 4 different ways to get to know Omni911 with a range of test drives to suit your team’s preferences. To learn more about Omni911 overall, or go direct to dive into:

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of PSAPs are still using 1970s technology for handling emergency calls


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MicroAutomation offers a Department of Defense (DoD) JITC-certified E-911 and NG911 solution for Emergency Operation Centers (EOCs) and PSAPs for the U.S. military, airports, local (municipal and county) and federal governments, both domestically and internationally. As a full-service integrator, we offer a wide range of public safety technology services including complete system design, end-to-end telephony integration, custom programming, and comprehensive customer support as part of our 911 solutions. Our solutions are designed to integrate with your existing telephony infrastructure. We focus on providing an affordable upgrade path and transition to Next Generation solutions, based on NENA i3 specifications and industry best practices.

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We have worked with MicroAutomation since 1999. In that time, they have fulfilled every requirement, hit every deadline, and their implemented solution has had no downtime, ever.


Ray Windisch, 911 MIS Coordinator, Baltimore County, MD 911


MicroAutomation’s 911 solutions are ideally suited for campus environments where Next Generation 911 features are desired and required to support a rapidly changing telecommunications environment. Our solutions enhance the flexibility of campus emergency operations through adherence to NENA i3 open standards and commitment to multi-vendor interoperability. Our public safety technology solutions allow you to choose the hardware platform (PC workstations, tablets, mobile devices, etc.) and the applications (Computer Aided Dispatch, Mapping, Recording, etc.) that make the most sense for your security and emergency operations.

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MicroAutomation provides custom integrated emergency operations solutions for applications to communicate across the 911 network for monitoring, supervision, delivery and control of critical call-processing activities and information within a Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP). This includes a highly reliable ANI/ALI retrieval system, integrated digital call-recording capability, advanced call reporting and monitoring, and integration with other third-party databases used to support the 911 system.

Our suite of 911 products brings advanced, easily configurable software-driven solutions to the Public Safety environment. For legacy 911 environments, the flexibility of the CallCenter Millennium  (CCM) E-911 products allows seamless integration with legacy and IP telephone switches to provide advanced functionality in any environment. Our innovative Omni911 product suite brings powerful Next Generation 911 capabilities to the forefront using the power of IP telephony and the reliability and flexibility of a software-only solution.

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