At MicroAutomation, we deliver next generation communications solutions that seamlessly integrate with your current environment. Our vendor-agnostic, NENA standards-based, and non-proprietary technology works with your PSAP and third-party software to make technical improvements while providing your users a familiar, yet optimized experience. We built Omni911 to support your PSAP's NG911 transition within a flexible model and process that ensures a solution which meets NENA i3 standards and is validated through ICE collaboration testing. Omni911 also has easy to integrate technical specs and scalable architecture, making it easy to upgrade.

Our NG911 ready software offers:

  • Integrated Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)
  • Voice, SMS, chat, image, and telematics support
  • Open standards software
  • Hardware and third-party software agnostic design
  • Portability – Omni911 works across most devices including desktops, laptops, and tablets
Security, Stability and Interoperability in One Solution

Omni911 is NG911 ready and NENA i3 compliant. MicroAutomation, as a company supports compliance and collaboration on many levels. MicroAutomation’s team of experts participate in NENA working groups to help define i3 standards before they are ratified, as well as participate in the annual NENA Industry Collaboration Event (ICE). MicroAutomation ensures integration is seamless between products and is deemed “compliant” by demonstrating adherence NENA i3 standards.

MicroAutomation’s NG91-1 solution is also certified by the DoD. The JITC(Joint Interoperability Test Command) – DoD Certification focuses on security, stability and interoperability to make sure all solutions fit with DoD requirements.

of emergency calls are from wireless phones
of PSAP's are still using 1970s technology for handling emergency calls
of phones accurately transmit location data in U.S. communities
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