Seamless Integration
MicroAutomation partners with your Emergency 911 Communications team to create seamless, integrated transitions across technology, people, training, and support.
Communications technology has changed, and your team is dedicated to delivering the same critical services. Your PSAP needs to manage your legacy hardware infrastructure and expand to meet current NG911 demands. You need simple solutions that adjust to your team, minimize risk, and optimize services.
Integrating with your system is our standard operating procedure
Our solution combines advanced software design, cloud-ready architecture and NENA i3-standard technology into a complete PSAP system.

We integrate with your:

  • Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD)
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) mapping
  • Internet Protocol (IP) PBX
  • Digital loggers / voice recorders
  • Legacy Communication Infrastructure
  • Emergency Dispatch Software (hardware and software)
Flexible Training Options
Easy to Remember
We know that saving seconds, saves lives. Our Omni911 solution is designed to be highly configurable with easy-to-remember workflows so that your team can focus on what they do best, delivering critical 911 services. With standard or customized training, we can help ease both people and processes by working through transition kinks in a number of ways before the transition takes place.
Learn more about our Usability Lab, where we can adjust and configure on the spot.
Optimization Through Flexible Training

Our training program is adjustable to your team’s needs. By creating a program that addresses your PSAP’s operational environment, we can shorten training time and reduce attrition rate, ensuring that your team can transition into full capacity seamlessly.

Another value many of our PSAP clients appreciate is MicroAutomation's 25 years of experience in call center performance management. Our unique ability to support clients through work flow improvement and task completion increases overall performance while reducing unnecessary stress in a mission critical environment. With that experience comes refined training expertise, directly reducing the time needed for responders to embrace new systems and transition confidently into NG911 solutions.
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