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Reduce Costs & Increase Revenue With Call Center Optimization

Our contact center technologies improve customer interactions and reduce call center costs, while enhancing communication efficiency and improving agent performance.

MicroAutomation’s 30 years of experience with contact centers allows us to expertly identify the right technology for your contact center. We are able to design, build, and test your solution in our lab environment, minimizing the impact on your operational contact center and ensuring the solution works the first time. We also have extensive experience helping Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) migrate to Next Generation 911 technologies.

With vast experience and a commitment to best practices, MicroAutomation gives you the contact center ROI that the manufacturer promised.

call center optimization

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If you manage a call center, you know it’s considered a necessary cost rather than a revenue generator. Instead of contributing to revenue growth, the average call center is established to be reactive, addressing customer complaints or handling routine transactions.

It’s time for a shift in thinking.

Improving the customer experience is the single most important way to attract new business and retain the business you already have. Because service is the cornerstone of the customer experience, we develop and implement contact center solutions using technology such as AI and RPA, which reduces customer effort and drives loyalty.

Our call center automation technologies:

  • Reduce operating expenses
  • Create effortless customer experiences
  • Drive revenue growth
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I wanted to send my thanks and congratulations to the MicroAutomation team for a very smooth cutover to the new technology. The project is so crucial to our long-term strategy and I cannot thank MicroAutomation enough for the focus and dedication it took to make this complex migration project look easy. Thank you so much!




The greatest cost for most call centers is customer interaction by agents, so your operations need to be effective and efficient.

The best solution is to increase the use of automation, but that technology isn’t always customer friendly. Automated contact center technology, when implemented poorly, leads to dissatisfied customers and limited use of the technology.

On the other hand, automation that is implemented strategically – with your customer’s experience as the primary consideration – can reduce customer effort, increasing operational efficiency.

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Voice Technology

Unlike clunky, ineffective contact center technologies of the past, the latest advancements in speech recognition make it more accurate, and text-to-speech engines are now able to generate dialog that sounds almost human. More importantly, advanced solutions such as voice biometrics now authenticate and identify callers to improve security.


Contact centers face increasingly complex compliance challenges resulting from both consumer migration to mobile devices and changing regulations. Whether your company is accepting payments or is a health care provider following HIPAA regulations, you need a technology solution that will keep you in compliance. We'll help you find the best solution for your call center, while still aligning with compliance standards.

cloud automation

Cloud Capabilities

Contact center solutions and technologies today are primarily software based, requiring minimal hardware investment. Moreover, cloud solutions can be utilized in conjunction with customer premise solutions to provide unlimited scalability and flexibility. Our vendor-agnostic approach helps us advise you on the best way to upgrade your contact center.

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Next Generation 911 Migration

Because standards for Next Generation 911 are still being defined, it's difficult to know how to adopt a scalable NG911 solution that's primed for future usage. At MicroAutomation, we're available to help you upgrade your NG911 solution seamlessly and keep up with evolving NG911 standards.

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