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MicroAutomation Implements Advanced Communications System at Tinker Air Force Base

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E-911 PSAP Solution Improves Response Times for Baltimore County, Maryland

Custom E-911 Solution Improves McConnell Air Force Base’s Emergency Infrastructure

Noridian Achieves Self-Service Level of Over 75% Using MicroAutomation Solutions

IVR Solution Reduces Operating Costs for National Government Services

CTI Brings department of the Treasury’s Bureau of the Fiscal Service’s Automation Rate to 93%

MicroAutomation Assists Defense Logistics Agency with E-911 Strategy

MicroAutomation Assists US Army with Emergency Management Modernization Program

Nationwide E-911 System Brings Faster Multi-Agency Responses to Country of Jordan

MicroAutomation Helps a US Department of the Treasury Agency Establish a Redundant Disaster Recovery Site

MicroAutomation Helps Comcast Engage Over 10 Million Customers in 90 Days

Baltimore Washington International Airport Recognized for Airport Security Award Using MicroAutomation’s Enhanced 9-1-1 Solution