Improve Customer Experience

Government organizations are under increasing pressure to “do more, do better, and do it with less.” Their customers – whether they’re citizens served or other government employees – have customer service expectations no different than seen in the commercial sector. They want their issues resolved with the least amount of effort. Today’s customers want the systems they engage with to know who they are, anticipate why they are calling, and demonstrate a respect for their time. We use leading-edge RPA and AI technologies to create these types of effortless experiences.

Perhaps even more so with government systems, security and user authentication is critical. We have partnered with leading voice biometrics manufacturers to develop effective and secure voice authentication solutions. Combining these processes with location-based mobile applications, we can build and deploy responsive and secure customer-facing solutions for agency’s trusted resources.


  • Intuitive IVR (phone) designed to anticipate the caller’s need

  • Proactive engagement that preempts the customer’s need to call

  • Virtual Hold solutions

  • Voice biometrics from Nuance

  • Location-based services applications and single-use mobile applications

Reduce Operating Costs

Agent-based call centers are expensive – due to both ongoing staff costs and the constant recruit-train-replace cycles, the latter being rather common. Research has shown that agent churn rates and a general poor service ratings are significantly influenced by poor job satisfaction, due to handling excessive repetitive and low-value calls. It’s not just the customers who get frustrated; call center representatives get frustrated as well, and the economic penalty there is significant.

Proprietary solutions and forced upgrades create an unnecessary budgetary burden. We architect solutions that make maximum use of an agency’s current assets and adhere to industry standards to reduce the total cost of ownership of the solutions we build. And, where practical, we use our existing portfolio of pre-packaged solutions and development frameworks to further reduce solution cost and accelerate development cycles.

We analyze customer engagement systems and processes to best balance the sometimes opposing forces of improving customer satisfaction, and optimizing agent performance – all while getting the most value out of the scarce agency budgets.


  • Interactive Voice Response solutions to eliminate repetitive, status-only, and low-value calls

  • Proactive customer engagement systems

  • COTS and standards-based packaged software

Upgrade Technology

Doing business with the government is different than in private industry. Today’s government procurement must match the urgency of their internal customers’ requirements, yet work within established processes and regulations. This can often discourage or prevent qualified manufacturers and contractors from being able to bid.

We know government contracting.

  • Being a minority owned small business, we are able to satisfy program set aside requirements.
  • Our contracts team is experienced with complex purchasing terms and conditions, including FAR/DFAR flow down requirements.
  • We are a flexible business-driven partner when a subcontracting role is most appropriate.
  • Located in the Washington, DC region, we are immediately accessible to most major agencies and decision makers.
  • Our staff are all located in the USA, with many of our key personnel cleared or clearable.
  • We maintain our own General Services Administration, Purchase Order (GSA) Schedule 70 for competitive pricing and ease of purchasing.


  • Commercial off the shelf (COTS) software and hardware

  • Packaged software solutions for Government healthcare, contact center and 911

  • Premise-based and secured hosted solutions.


“MicroAutomation plays a major role in the success of our call center telephone operations. We can always count on MicroAutomation to guide us through any operational problems that arise during normal operations or during special initiatives.”

Lynn Randolph, DMSOC Lead IT Specialist, The Bureau of the Fiscal Service, US Department of the Treasury


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