We provide a range of opportunities with different investment levels for your team to get to know our people, process, technologies and systems. And, no matter where in the process you might want to start, we get to know you as well. Seamless Integration isn't something we talk about, it's something we plan, organize and do with mindful intent to ensure your team has the time to test, train and transition. Here is an overview of how we offer our integration services. Many of our clients pick what's right for them, and many take advantage of multiple ones along the way.
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Get It Right The First Time
At MicroAutomation we know that the more you can plan upfront, the less surprises you get at the time of transition. This includes people, systems, technology and process. Because of this, we've invested in a series of tools to help our clients as much as possible to ensure we create the right solution the first time, and transition it with as much peace of mind as possible.

Here is a brief overview of what we offer:

  • A range of onsite demos at your PSAP location
  • The ability to demo Omni911 in our labs for on the spot configuration
  • In-Action viewing at fellow PSAPs
  • Customized usability testing
  • Flexible training programs and ongoing support
Experience Our Usability Lab
Visit our Usability Lab to test either our standard off-the-shelf Omni911 software or experiment with an Omni911 solution we build from the ground up for your team's specific needs. MicroAutomation partners with your team to create a transition plan that increases call taker adoption, starting with a test drive, moving through launch including:
  • Making interface adjustments
  • Creating easy-to-remember task flows
  • Ensuring consistency in application experience
A Staging Facility to Test Your Solution Live
Leverage our Staging Facility to ensure that your systems specs and set up are configured and applicable to your PSAPs environment - before the transition happens. Our team of experts pressure test and kick the tires, making sure that hardware and software set ups are properly configured in a closed environment that your team can then come and test - live, in our labs, and reconfigure if needed. Some unique service offerings include:
  • Staging Facility and Usability Lab configuration
  • Ability to test scale and extreme configurations
  • Monitoring and observation