Embracing Spring
There are so many things refreshing about Spring time. Just the word itself makes me visualize Tigger from Winnie the Pooh bouncing around in such a playful, optimistic, energetic and rambunctious way. Spring time is a fresh new season with flowers blooming, birds singing and lots of outdoor activities.

Just as the arrival of Spring is inevitable, the arrival of Next Generation 911 (NG911) is just over the horizon. State and localities are quickly adopting NENA NG911 standards and establishing Emergency Services IP networks (ESInets) to fulfill the vision of Next Generation 911. Concurrently, PSAPs are upgrading to NG911 to ensure they are ready for the new NG911 environment.  Like the transition of Winter to Spring, we are experiencing the transition from E-911 to NG911.

But, as with the emergence of any new season, we may find that transition is not always smooth. Here in North Carolina, as we enjoyed the lovely sunshine offered by the first day of Spring, the next week we found ourselves unexpectedly back to a day of snow. To many, the snow day was a surprise and disappointment. But, upon reflection, we realized that this wasn’t the first time a snow day came during Spring within North Carolina. The truth is in years’ past a snow day would appear quite often in early Spring with some of the local farmers reminding us that if you plant those Daylillies in early Spring, be sure to cover the ground in that area a bit more to protect them from frost. It is always important to plan and take the necessary steps for those little surprises that are ultimately out of ones’ control.

How you embrace the next season is ultimately your decision. Do you bounce into spring or are you dreading the shift? One fact remains, with new seasons there are always challenges. Are you looking forward to the flowers, the smell of the fresh cut grass, or are you dreading the pollen and the multiple visits to the car wash? Spring time is here, the question is how will you embrace it?

Transitioning from a legacy network to Next Generation 911 has been discussed for a long time. The topic of transitioning to NG911 has created lots of dialogue throughout the industry. While some have chosen to proceed and embrace NG911 fully, others have taken a more cautious approach through a phased transition. Neither path is wrong rather a great example of how we embrace a new season individually and how we can learn and grow together in this season of NG911.

During this new season, I challenge us all to embrace the new season and not miss out on the joys that Spring time brings. Here at MicroAutomation, we continue to invest in our technology and our team to help you embrace the Spring. We are continually enhancing our NG911 products and services to ensure that we make your transition to NG911 seamless and painless. Explore how we have grown and what seeds are being planted.

So, what will this new Spring season bring to you? Let us help you make it Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows.