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To maintain a high level of customer engagement and keep your business thriving, you need contact center technology that delivers a seamless experience across every channel. Supercharge your call center solutions by harnessing the power of the cloud and keep pace with the latest customer engagement technologies by harnessing the power of RPA and AI. When you do, you’ll drive customer loyalty and minimize call center costs.

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contact center in the cloud

automatic call distribution


Our cloud contact center technology provides automation for the entire customer interaction, allowing you to go beyond traditional automatic call distribution (ACD) queues for calls and develop a universal queue for voice, email, chat, text, and social. You’re also able to automatically call back customers who don’t want to wait on hold, and integrate essential customer data from your CRM.

Our goal is to quickly match each customer in your queue to the agent or self-service option that can best help them. The results are efficient call resolution, happy customers and money saved.

self service ivr logo

After IVR was implemented, National Government Services' call center could handle 50% more calls.

reduce call duration

FullBeauty Brands reduced average call duration by 12% after working with MicroAutomation.

self service ivr through phone

Self-service IVR handles 80% of all calls for Noridian Healthcare Solutions.


Customers demand a broad range of ways to engage your business – voice, email, web chat, SMS text, and social channels. Our cloud-based contact center solutions connect you to customers across all modern communication channels. Our engineers skillfully implement multi-channel communication flows, applying the use-case customer journey mapping that guides the customer to the most effective resolution for an issue or question.


While multi-channel support is essential for customers, you need to avoid the deployment of silos. To make sure consumers do not need to repeat steps or restart a transaction as they move across multiple channels, our cloud contact center solutions preserve context on each channel. When consumers move from self-service to agent service, switch between a web chat and phone, or get busy but try again at a later time, they seamlessly pick up where they left off in the prior communication with your company.

multi channel


Our cloud-based contact center solution supports both self-service and agent service on today’s current and emerging social media channels. Transition your customer engagement to the applications your customers use most. By doing so, you drive loyalty and reduce the costs of traditional phone-based service.


Give customers the convenience of using the same toll-free number to call, text, or access self-service options. Toll-free text messaging provides a universal number for customers to call or access self-service through Interactive Text Response (ITR). Proactively notify customers on the same number used for inbound customer care, and provide effortless service by utilizing mobile applications on the SMS channel.


Outbound Dialing component of OmniEngage was able to contact 50,000 customers per hour and over 400,000 per day. An original project with a 9 month timeline and budget of $5M was executed in 90 days at a cost around $750k. Comcast realized an ROI savings of $4M by partnering with MicroAutomation.



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