What are you doing to provide an effortless customer experience while reducing operational costs?


Research and proven case studies show that well-done, strategic automated technologies enable self-service retail customers to have an effortless customer experience, freeing up staff time for more critical services, including sales.

Most IVR systems, RPAs, AI and other technologies function on the services you can’t see, such as user experience design, planning and training. At MicroAutomation, we drive excellence in the retail industry on those hidden strengths by focusing on people, technology, process, and support. That is what really sets us apart.

Learn more about how RPA and AI can help you reach your business goals.

Benefits for You and Your Customers

An efficient, easy-to-implement contact center solution can cut operational costs while providing an effortless customer experience. Our fully automated solutions can take up to 80% of the workload off an agent, and boost the efficiency of agent-assisted calls.

Meanwhile, customers can check on order status and even speak with customer service faster. Systems that can proactively predict customer requests save time, money and increase loyalty because they provide a personalized experience that makes customers feel valued.

For nearly 30 years, we’ve developed both on-premise and cloud automation solutions that power stellar self-service customer experiences and drive top customer satisfaction scores.

Solutions That Work The First Time

We know what a headache it can be to connect incompatible systems without
the right support. Our configurable solutions seamlessly integrate into your
current systems. And our years of proven experience help us anticipate, plan,
manage and implement not just the technology itself, but the human aspect of
the solution as well – which includes training, documentation and ongoing support
designed specifically for the retail industry.


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