Omni911, a proven call handling solution that is built from the ground up to address emerging and present NG911 transition needs. As a solution, it supports the needs of a single PSAP in a standalone or redundant configuration, as well as scales to larger geographically diverse needs.

Omni911 can be deployed with CAD and GIS software in the cloud. This allows Omni911 to be accessed from multiple PSAP locations or be implemented as a hosted solution by deploying the server components in data centers.

See our Features and Functions section, or contact MicroAutomation to talk to an Omni911 expert to learn how Omni911 can integrate with your environment and system.

Features and Functions
Omni911's flexible design allows for easy interface adjustments, expansion, and the ability to quickly and inexpensively adapt to evolving NG911 standards.
  • Intuitive operation of standard E-911 and NG911 functions
  • Easily configurable screen layouts
  • Enhanced diagnostics dashboard for end-to-end monitoring
  • Operates on either standard PC server systems or in a Virtual Machine (VM) environment
  • Can be deployed as cloud-based, standalone, or redundant, geo-diverse configuration
Benefiting From the Transaction vs. Dreading the Transaction

As the widespread adoption of Next Generation 911 rapidly approaches, many emergency communication centers are still waiting until a sufficient infrastructure exists before transitioning their PSAP to NG911. While the “wait and see” approach is appealing from an investment perspective, if you are an emergency communications center, you may quickly find yourself in a position where you cannot meet the needs of your community.

Being able to configure based on your current investments and future procurement is more and more difficult. Omni911 is a software based solution designed to help reduce the unexpected and allow PSAP leadership to keep operations simple, stable and focused on the emergency communications center’s needs.

Omni911 allows PSAPs to be “Next Generation 911 Ready” with the communication features they need to meet the needs of their citizens while stabilizing the PSAP through hardware, software and interface features that reduce transition risk.

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