Optimize Your Performance and Improve Their Experience

Our CallCenter Millennium™ (CCM) is a comprehensive Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) suite of products designed for call centers looking to optimize agent performance, improve customer experience and reduce operational costs. It eliminates the need for your callers to re-state information and enables immediate routing of the call to an informed service agent or location.

How CallCenter Millennium™ Works

Designed for maximum flexibility and scalability, CallCenter Millennium™ easily integrates with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications and telephony infrastructure to streamline your call center operations. It can be quickly integrated into your call center environment to provide an informational “screen pop” capability and call control functionality at the agent workstation.

This eliminates the need for your agents to authenticate the caller a second time resulting in a faster, more satisfying customer experience as well as a cost savings for your call center.


While Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) has been available for several decades, it has typically only been used by large call centers because of the perceived investment required. Telecommunications giants like Genesys and Avaya have promoted the concept of contact centers and advanced customer experience platforms resulting in solutions that are often very costly and complex.

But, CallCenter Millennium™ offers a more cost-effective way to implement CTI that can yield significant cost savings in your call center and allow your agents to provide better customer service.

Switch manufacturers offer interfaces that allow an external application to control and monitor the activities of the telephone switch. CTI is the technology that connects your telephone system with your computer systems to enhance and streamline your call center operations. The goal of implementing CTI is to improve agent productivity, as agent labor costs are the most expensive part of running a call center.

The more you reduce the amount of time that agents spend on trivial and routine tasks, the more savings you will realize.


CallCenter Millennium™ enables smoother call center operation and an effortless experience for the customer:

  • Agents no longer require callers to restate information.
  • Calls are routed immediately to the most qualified agent or location destination.
  • Agent call handling time is reduced.
  • Callers are provided with faster service from informed agents.

For a little investment in technology, a call center can realize significant cost savings and recoup their investment in fewer than six months.


For over 25 years, commercial, government and 911 customers worldwide have benefited from our expert design, development, deployment and support of their contact centers. The CallCenter Millennium™ product suite is the core technology offered by us at MicroAutomation to provide advanced CTI capabilities in your call center or contact center.

You don’t need to be an expert to use our contact center solutions; you just need to know one. MicroAutomation is your trusted partner for proven, reliably engineered contact center solutions.