DoD 911 Solutions

For over 20 years, MicroAutomation has been deploying Enhanced 911 (E-911) and Next Generation 911 (NG911) solutions for Emergency Communication Centers (ECCs) in the DoD. The solutions leverage MicroAutomation’s JITC-certified Omni911 product suite which meets DoD standards for Information Assurance (IA), Cybersecurity (CS), and Interoperability (IO) with DoD systems.

The Omni911 product suite provides advanced Next Generation 911 and Command and Control features to ECCs including native support for Voice Over IP (VoIP), text messaging, video communications, Instant Recall Recording, radio integration, relay controls, and large, dynamic conferencing. Omni911 is a software-based solution that runs on most standard hardware platforms and operating systems and leverages off-the-shelf hardware components such as headsets, speakerphones, and external keypads. Continually evolving with the NG911 standards, Omni911 is stable and proven within the Armed Forces bases.

As a full-service integrator and software manufacturer of Omni911, MicroAutomation also offers a wide range of IT professional services for ECCs including complete architecture, system design, personalization, customization, integration, and comprehensive customer support. We focus on providing the DoD with an affordable upgrade path and seamless transition to Next Generation communication solutions by leveraging industry best practices. MicroAutomation is an active member of NENA helping to define i3 standards and participating NENA Industry Collaboration Events (ICE).

MicroAutomation products integrate with all legacy and IP telephone switches utilized in the DoD. We provide turnkey solutions with embedded redundant VoIP communications, Omni911 Controllers, Automatic Location Identification (ALI), Reporting, and real-time monitoring. The ALI system integrates with any NENA-compliant Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) and Mapping systems. Built for redundancy and reliability, MicroAutomation’s Omni911 is your choice for ECC systems in the DoD.

JITC Certified

Our proven flagship Emergency Communications Center (ECC) solution, Omni911, is JITC certified and designed to meet the rigorous demands of the US Department of Defense’s (DoD) Emergency Communications, Next Generation 911, and Command and Control requirements. Omni911 includes an easy-to-use, customizable layout, cloud-ready architecture and NENA i3-standard technology that delivers a robust ECC and Command and Control solution.

NG911 for the Department of Defense

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Solution Features
  • JITC-certified for Information Assurance (IA), Cybersecurity (CS), and Interoperability (IO)
  • The Omni911 system connects to your base switch via standard Primary Rate Interface (PRI) circuits
  • Seamlessly integrates with NENA-compliant CAD and mapping systems eliminating the need for costly custom programming
  • Serves as the foundation of all next generation communications: voice, SMS (text messaging), video, image transmission, telematics, social media, and messaging applications
  • Software-based solution built for deployments within the DOD environment using standard off-the shelf, PC systems
Solution Components
  • VoIP telephony integration
  • Video, text messaging, and radio integration
  • Support for single-button large conferences
  • Automatic Location Identification (ALI) service
  • Legacy E-911 Trunk Interfaces (CAMA)
  • Standalone, redundant, fault tolerant configurations
  • Operation on standard equipment including PC servers, workstations, laptops, and table tablets
  • Advanced Command and Control features including video communications, large-party conferencing, and remote gate/door/light control.
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