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Introducing OmniMonitor, designed to make Text/Email illness monitoring effortless, while reducing operational strain

Getting operations back up to previous production rates – whether you are a service provider, a warehouse or a global organization now requires the ability to quickly and responsibly monitor the wellness of your employees – daily. Contact Tracing has become an urgent responsibility for all business leaders and it’s a lot easier with an omnichannel (text, voice call, email, or social media messaging) illness monitoring solution from MicroAutomation.

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With the exponential spread of COVID-19 rapidly infecting the US population, many organizations have been challenged with tracking and monitoring the spread of the disease in the US. OmniMonitor is an essential tool used by public health officials to anticipate and prevent the spread of infectious viruses. When new cases of COVID-19 are identified, disease investigators work quickly to make sure the case is isolated and then identify and quarantine close contacts, monitoring those contacts for symptoms of the disease for 14 days or ongoing.

How it works


Text (or Email) illness monitoring using OmniMonitor provides a quick and effortless way to engage and monitor employees during a disease outbreak. Participants in the program are contacted daily to determine if they are symptomatic or asymptomatic. For those exhibiting symptoms, both symptomatic and asymptomatic notifications need to be generated to alert your organization’s health department personnel.


MicroAutomation’s OmniMonitor is a proactive participant engagement solution designed for private and public enterprises with the need to do their own monitoring. Part of the OmniEngage suite of products for proactive engagement, OmniMonitor is available as Software as a Service (SaaS) to meet the requirements needed to economically support omnichannel illness monitoring for all sized businesses. The solution allows for ongoing, proactive data capture and reporting campaigns using voice, email, text, and even social media for a single agency or organization as well as multi-agency or multi-division environments.

OmniMonitor increases performance rates when capturing closed- and open-ended responses, as well as scaled ratings, all validated within expected ranges or choices. OmniMonitor includes:

  • Both campaign-based as well as participant-specific queries
  • Dynamic response-based interaction flows
  • Participant-centric design with support for interactive text (SMS), voice (phone), email, or social media messaging engagement
  • Contact based on recipient’s location/time zone including international locations
  • Multi-language support
  • Automated reminders for non-response
  • Alerts and escalations for symptoms and/or non-reporting.
  • Simple to manage for administrators, easy to use for participants
  • Personalization capability for interactions with participants
  • Reporting and dashboards to quickly analyze, report and take action, as needed

To learn more about OmniMonitor, Contact Tracing, or how you can start to think about securing your operations with less risk and more knowledge around Contact Tracing, see our literature available across blogs, white papers and more.

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