"We have worked with MicroAutomation since 1999. In that time, they fulfilled every requirement, hit every deadline, and their implemented solution has had no downtime, ever."
Ray Windisch, 911 MIS Coordinator, Baltimore County, MD 911
"MicroAutomation delivered a great solution, on time and under tight time constraints. The company's professionals were reliable and lived up to their commitments."
Elisa Elderbaum, IT Project Manager, Empire Medicare Services
"The MicroAutomation team did an amazing job during the project. Our partner was thrown a curve ball as they had to overcome the loss of key resources from our organization. The team at MicroAutomation was able to keep the project on track and the solution was completed on time and within budget. The selection of MicroAutomation for the cloud IVR was spot on. Both Voxeo and MicroAutomation were phenomenal partners to work with. The new solution offers significant improvements to the customer experience and lays a foundation from which we can continue to build a first class front-end for the contact center. I want to thank everyone for their hard work and dedication!"
Joe Testa, Senior Director, Customer Care Operations, Academy Sports + Outdoors
"I wanted to send my thanks and congratulations to the MicroAutomation team for a very smooth cutover to the new technology. The project is so crucial to our long-term strategy and I cannot thank MicroAutomation enough for the focus and dedication it took to make this complex migration project look easy. This was an outstanding team effort across several organizations. We were nervous going into the cutover with so many moving parts and opportunities for something to go wrong. However, the reality was a near perfect execution by some of the most creative and dedicated folks I've had the pleasure to work with. Through the architecture, contract negotiations, solution design, and logistics of who-what-when - everyone has shown a commitment that is awe inspiring. Thank you so much!"
Barry Hoffman, Director, Information Technology, Hilton Worldwide
"MicroAutomation plays a major role in the success of our call center telephone operations. We can always count on MicroAutomation to guide us through any operational problems that arise during normal operations or during special initiatives."
Lynn Randolph, DMSOC Lead IT Specialist, The Bureau of the Fiscal Service, US Department of the Treasury
"Thank you for the great work you guys did on this project. The project you produced was professional and done on time. We will be happy to act as a reference for your company and any of our future IVR work will be coming your way."
Clint Waite, President, Best Practice Systems
"The relationships we have formed and the level of prompt, courteous response has been outstanding. I know when I have need for information or have an issue, my MicroAutomation contact will support me to provide what I need in a timely manner. It's been like the business version of the golden rule of treating others the way you want to be treated."
Linda Rabon, Senior Manager, Security, Government & Infrastructure (SG&I) Division, Intergraph Corporation
"Outbound Dialing component of OmniEngage was able to contact 50,000 customers per hour and over 400,000 per day. An original project with a 9 month timeline and budget of $5M was executed in 90 days at a cost around $750k. Comcast realized an ROI savings of $4M by partnering with MicroAutomation."
Wayne Ramprashad, Executive Director, Call Management and Architecture, Comcast
"Kudos to all those involved for completing in less than a year a task that would normally take 2+ years to complete."
Tim Swartos, Contract Project Manager, Project and Portfolio Mangement Office - Corporate Services, WPS Health Solutions
"I've said it so many times but I want to say it again, there is no other vendor I've ever worked with over the past 30+ years in this business that provides the highest level of customer service as MAI. You have always put ASO first and even in times like this you always surpass expectations. Tasks have always been completed on time and without error, something I don't experience with my other vendors... Thanks so much for pulling this last minute project off with such little notice and without incident. I appreciate each of you and in my opinion you're the BEST!"
Pam Kerr, Sr. Telecom Analyst, Academy Sports & Outdoors
"MicroAutomation had our OmniEngage solution up and running within 24 hours. Since then, the solution has verified thousands of numbers, allowing us to free up two full-time resources for other projects. Passion, service and results: that's white glove service that just doesn't exist in the industry today."
Chad Wright, Vice President of Technical Services, Rapid Response Monitoring
"MAI and WPS have partnered for nearly 2 decades with great success! I was very fortunate to get to know Suresh and the team early on as we implemented the initial IVR solution. I can always count on the MAI team, and it is truly a great partnership."
Jim Gomon, Director, Vendor Management and IT Services, Wisconsin Physicians Services


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