May 04 2022 Transcribe To Save Time and Lives


Professionals in business or government are constantly on conference calls or speaking with clients where it is important to have precise notes on what was said. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to take good notes while participating or conducting an important meeting. Therefore, there is a high likelihood of missing information that may be key to the conversation. This is where call transcription can assist by not only providing an accurate record of the call but can augment and assist in providing improved service.

Transcribe to Save Lives

For Public Safety, clear and accurate communications are crucial. While calls to most emergency services such as 9-1-1 are typically recorded, the recordings are available after the call and cannot be used as an immediate reference. A missed word, phrase, or address in a 9-1-1 call could result in loss of life.

Real-time call transcription services are now available to transcribe calls immediately during the call. As the conversation is being transcribed, word-spotting can be implemented where specific key words spoken by the caller such as “fire” or “ambulance” automatically trigger related prompts for the call taker to respond and expedite emergency response times and procedures.

Call transcription can also be enhanced with a translation feature where the system can automatically translate the conversation from the spoken language to the call taker’s native language to improve communication. This enables the call taker to provide assistance immediately, even though there is a language barrier or at least start the response until a language specialist can be conferenced in.

How Can This be Applied to Enterprise Businesses?

For businesses other than Public Safety, call transcription offers unique benefits. When a business professional, such as a lawyer, is speaking with clients (or opposing counsel, court personnel, etc.) about their legal case, real-time call transcription can be used to immediately create a digital record of the conversation to trigger events or additional scrutiny. Many State laws today forbid companies to record conversations without notifying or gaining approval from all parties in the conversation. Real-time call transcription avoids the pitfalls of these State laws by creating a real-time transcription of the call which can be stored for immediate review and future analysis.

Coupled with technologies that allow an agent to quickly identify the caller, such as screen pop or voice biometrics, real-time call transcription can create efficiencies, improve the accuracy of communications, as well as enable the professional or agent to assist the caller more quickly and efficiently. Customer Service can be enhanced by utilizing Artificial Intelligence to examine the new information in real-time and provide feedback to agents as the conversation is progressing.

The transcribed call can then also be reviewed, edited, and embedded in the case record or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system for immediate reference.

How can MicroAutomation Help?

MicroAutomation has spent over 30 years adapting leading-edge communications technologies for contact center environments. Recently, MicroAutomation partnered with Voci Technologies to deliver our Omni911 Scribe capability for 9-1-1 centers. The advanced Speech Analytics capabilities can be used in any environment where it is critical to have accurate and real-time delivery of important conversations.

Since our real-time call transcription solutions do not require saving recordings, there are no Federal or State restrictions that limit the use of the technology. Maintaining a digital record of the conversation is simply automating what otherwise would be your manual note taking. However, instead of a manual process than may be prone to errors, our technology solutions can create an automated process that keeps pace with the conversation speed, transcribing as fast as people are talking, so that you can focus on the conversation.

MicroAutomation’s expertise in computer-telephony integration combined with our familiarity with all the common CRM products allows us to quickly integrate Speech-to-Text (STT) into your contact center environment. Can you visualize the value of this technology and the excitement of your personnel by automatically having a full record of any important conversation? The time is now.