Oct 04 2019 To Infinity And Beyond!


Recently my family and I returned from a 7-day adventure to what some call “one of the happiest places on earth”. After returning to the MicroAutomation office from holiday, it hit me how proud I am to be a part of a team of professionals that are committed to go To Infinity And Beyond each day for every client! The exact principals that drive me year after year to go to one of the happiest places on earth with my family.

Exceptional Customer Service, Magical Experience and Continued Innovation!! 

In case you are not one of those that immediately thinks of Walt Disney parks when I say “happy place”, let me assure you that is the happy place I’m referencing. I’ve had conversations with people who ask this question; “How can this be a ‘happy place’ when there are so many potential variables outside of Disney’s control impacting the outcome of the adventure? Potential issues such as hot, rainy and humid temperatures, long, exhausting days with lots of walking through crowds of people including small children who are off their normal schedules and parents who are acutely aware that this is one expensive adventure!” It has been my experience that even though several of those factors could and sometimes do exist it doesn’t necessarily impact the reality of the overall experience that visitors have at Disney every day. In fact, in my experience and top reasons why my family and I continue to return to Disney year after year, is that Disney goes above and beyond to provide exceptional customer service, takes into consideration every small detail to allow for the most magical experience and year after year through continued innovation provides new adventures to take our family on a journey To Infinity And Beyond! 

With an average annual attendance of over 52 million visitors, Walt Disney are the most visited vacation resorts in the world. I believe their continued success comes from their commitment to employees to empower creative passionate professionals to be innovative and strive for excellence to go To Infinity, And Beyond for every guest.

At MicroAutomation, we strive to continue to listen and learn how we can better serve every client. While working with the MicroAutomation team, you can expect that we do what we say we are going to do, with the highest of integrity, and absolute commitment to go To Infinity, And Beyond. But don’t just take our word for it, ask those that have experienced our team firsthand. We are honored to have the opportunity to continue year after year in collaborating with clients to ensure we provide Exceptional Customer Service, Extraordinary Experience and Innovative technology for a journey To Infinity And Beyond!