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MicroAutomation has expanded its existing strategic partner relationship with Virtual Hold Technology through the addition of their market-leading products on MicroAutomation’s comprehensive suite of contact center products and services available through its GSA Schedule 70.

Centreville, VA – November 8, 2016 – MicroAutomation has been granted approval by the US General Services Administration (GSA) to offer Virtual Hold Technology’s core technologies to qualified buyers through its Schedule 70. The Schedule provides contracting convenience and guaranteed competitive pricing to Federal and State Government buyers and other qualifying research and educational institutions

Virtual Hold Technology (VHT) Callback has shaped the contact center industry, and placed VHT as the market leader in customer service technology. Their “Hang up and we’ll call you back when it’s your turn” approach was unique and patented, coining the term “virtual queuing,”

“The need for virtual queuing is ubiquitous in a customer-centric contact center”, stated Chad Wright, MicroAutomation’s Vice President of Commercial Operations and CTO. “VHT has combined this core product with other critical and valuable components into a highly effective suite of products that can add tremendous value to their customers. I’m excited that we can also support the purchase of their products through our GSA Schedule for government customers.”

About MicroAutomation

MicroAutomation leverages proven technologies and best practices to create and implement reliable and effective emergency response and commercial contact center solutions for public safety, healthcare, retail, utilities and other targeted industries. We focus on customer satisfaction by sharing ownership in the outcome, and delivering cost-effective tailored solutions. You don’t need to be an expert to use our contact center solutions; you just need to know one. MicroAutomation is your trusted partner.

About Virtual Hold Technology

Virtual Hold Technology (VHT) offers a suite of complementary, patented solutions that help organizations enhance the customer journey in order to achieve greater loyalty, efficiency and revenue. Multichannel solutions provide the opportunity to enrich the brand and deepen the customer relationship with every interaction. Deployed seamlessly within any single or multivendor environment, our virtual queuing and customer engagement solutions are designed to empower customers, agents and brands.