World Wide Technology

world wide technology

MicroAutomation and World Wide Technology (WWT), Inc. have established a partnership to assist emergency operation centers and contact centers with implementing advanced contact center technology. WWT provides advanced technology solutions for both private sector companies and public sector agencies. MicroAutomation develops and sells advanced communications technologies such as Interactive Voice Response, Computer Telephony Integrated solutions, and Next Generation 911 products. Together, MicroAutomation and WWT are able to offer comprehensive solutions with the latest contact center and 911 technologies.


World Wide Technology uses a proven and innovative approach to help large public and private organizations discover, evaluate, architect, and implement advanced technology. Founded in 1990, WWT has grown from a small product reseller into a technology solution provider with over 4,000 employees. They serve the technology needs of large public and private organizations around the United States and the world.

World Wide Technology and MicroAutomation work together to provide Next Generation 911 solutions to the Department of Defense (DoD). MicroAutomation has integrated its JITC-certified CallCenter Millennium E-911 product suite with Cisco UCM telephone switches to meet the NG911 needs of various DoD agencies. Under WWT’s larger initiative to upgrade the switching infrastructure of bases in the armed forces includes MicroAutomation 911 solutions. Backed by their sophisticated supply chain management infrastructure, WWT offers a complete array of configuration, integrations and advanced logistics solutions. WWT also holds several major federal purchasing contracts including ITES-3H and SEWP, and are also on the GSA schedule