Virtual Hold Technology

Virtual Hold Technology

Virtual Hold has become a generic description or eponym for the concept of intelligent call queue management. Constantly upgraded since its introduction in 1995, the Virtual Hold Technology (VHT) Callback product remains today’s market leader in function, feature and ability to integrate into the work flow of modern contact centers. When effectively integrated into an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system, an automated callback option can dramatically improve customer experience by managing their expectation for service, and putting control back into their hands.

MicroAutomation embraces Virtual Hold as a natural extension of our belief that effective customer service begins and ends with creating an ‘effortless experience’ for the customer. Today’s customers want and expect the organizations they buy from or are serviced by to value their time and engage them on their terms – #ReduceCustomerEffort. The industry experience from using the VHT’s Callback solutions speaks for itself. Most customers realize as much as a 50% reduction in their abandoned call rates and find that callers will opt for a callback as much as 52% of the time.


Virtual Hold Technology believes that delivering an exceptional customer experience doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, every customer interaction, regardless of channel, should enrich the brand and deepen the customer relationship. Their stated mission is to inspire customer loyalty, enabling effortless customer experience through improved customer interaction.

Since their inception in 1995, VHT has been the innovator in enhancing the customer journey. Founder, Mark Williams, recognized the severity of customer frustration in relation to delivering exceptional customer service. This led to inventing a patented solution, VHT Callback, which eliminated wait time while increasing customer satisfaction.

Today, their innovative approach has evolved and now helps organizations not only eliminate customer wait times but also creates a positive first impression of the brand and improves customer interactions, operational efficiencies and revenue opportunities.

Deployed seamlessly within any single or multivendor environment, VHT’s virtual queuing (Callback) and customer outcome management software (Navigator) are designed to empower customers, agents and brands.