MicroAutomation is partnering with INdigital to provide our Omni911 Next Generation 9-1-1 solution for both their traditional premise-based customer solutions, and as a part of their hosted NG9-1-1 offering.


INdigital is a full service public safety provider, we have developed advanced applications through research and development, planning, design and successful implementation including fully integrated ANI/ALI service, text FOR 9-1-1, ESInet and PSAP disaster recovery. They started operating as a competitive local provider in the Allen County market area, serving small to medium sized business with integrated voice and data services.


  • Texty – Texty is a platform that allows the PSAP to ‘add on’ non-voice (SMS) to an existing phase II E9-1-1 call. It provides text TO & FROM 9-1-1 services. Texty gives you an easy to use workstation that meets all of your non-voice (text) needs.
  • Next-Gen Core Services (NGCS) – INdigital Next-Gen Core Services (NGCS) include emergency voice and text call routing, location information database services, network integration, and disaster recovery all delivered via a redundant, private, and secure IP network.
    NGCS are implemented with full redundancy to all emergency service agencies and associated end points. INdigital NGCS are i3 compliant and designed to adapt to future standards development. Regardless of the call type or destination, INdigital NGCS provides redundant, resilient, and reliable service delivery.