Digital Deflection: Successful Phone-to-Web Strategies

In the world of Digital Deflection, taking a phone call that would have been handled by an agent and successfully completing it in the web channel instead is gold. Reduced operational costs, higher completion rates, and improved customer satisfaction – who does not want that on their contact center scorecard? Or on their bottom line.

By making it easy for the customer we can point them to channels that are not only lower-cost, but also more appropriate to the transaction/customer. Making the right choices throughout the process will greatly determine the success rates.

Want To Know How?

Learn the key factors to select the right transactions and the strategies that will lead to customer adoption, as well as cost improvements to your business, by downloading our free eBook.

Inside our free eBook you will learn:

  • How to move customers from voice to web channels
  • Criteria to select the “right” transactions
  • Best practices and techniques to ensure customer adoption
  • Why this strategy works