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For over 25 years, we have provided contact center solutions for Avaya switching platforms including the Avaya Definity series switches through the latest Avaya Aura series product line. We administer professional services and a suite of contact center applications for the Avaya platform, as well as installation, configuration and support of Nuance speech products for the Avaya Aura Experience Portal self-service product line. Additionally, our Computer Telphony Integration (CTI) product suite, CallCenter Millennium™, provides an inexpensive alternative to Avaya Aura Contact Center with native screen pop to popular CRM applications and a comprehensive reporting and analytics engine.


As part of the Avaya suite of products, Avaya offers the Avaya Aura Contact Center and Avaya Aura Experience Portal (AAEP) that allows you as an Avaya customer to manage all of your contacts – email, chat, text messaging, instant messaging, and social media – the same way you manage your inbound and outbound voice interactions.

The Avaya Aura Contact Center is a complete multichannel contact center solution that matches callers with the most appropriate resource every time they reach out, giving agents the context, both real-time and historical, to deliver differentiated customer experiences. Expenses can be reduced through the seamless use of lower-cost channels and consistent delivery of a unified, efficient, and highly personalized experience that builds your brand and customer loyalty.

The Avaya Aura Experience Portal is a multichannel self-service application platform that allows your customers to engage via mobile, voice, video, email, or text message. Customer interactions can be designed and managed from a single platform.


  • Avaya Application Enablement Services (AES) – Server-based software solutions that provide an enhanced set of telephony Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), protocols, Web Services, and direct IP access to media, and supports standards such as CSTA, JTAPI and TSAPI that expose Avaya Aura® Communication Manager features.
  • Avaya Aura Contact Center – Multichannel contact center solution that supports email, chat, text messaging, instant messaging, and social media
  • Avaya Aura Experience Portal (AAEP) – Multichannel Self-Service application platform that supports communications via mobile, voice, video, email, or text message