Advantel Networks

MicroAutomation and Advantel have forged a partnership to address the demanding needs of 911 in the Department of Defense (DoD). Advantel has been a trusted adviser to the DoD since 1984, providing advanced communication systems to companies and organizations based upon the Avaya product suite. Coupled with MicroAutomation’s JITC-certified, CallCenter Millennium E-911 solution, Advantel and MicroAutomation provide Air Force and Army bases with 911 and Command and Control solutions.


Advantel Networks is a premier solutions integrator that designs, implements, and maintains powerful coverage solutions to businesses worldwide. Advantel Networks focuses on delivering solutions and services, such as contact centers, project management, traditional voice solutions, VoIP, security, LAN/Wireless/WAN, consultation, and integrated service solutions.

Advantel Networks delivers and supports end-to-end data, network, and communications solutions by partnering with best of breed technology providers to solve business communication problems. Their team of highly trained engineers are prepared to help any organization move to the next level with Network Security, Data Centers, Cloud, and Manage Services solutions.

Advantel Networks and MicroAutomation work together to provide a JITC-certified E-911 and NG911 solution for the DoD. The CallCenter Millennium E-911 product, offered by MicroAutomation and certified to operate with Avaya telephone switches and communication platforms, provides the DoD with an off-the-shelf 911 solution that can be customized to meet the unique requirements for the Air Force and Army. MicroAutomation’s and Advantel’s experience in deploying complex communication solutions allows for quick and easy deployments of a 911 solution leveraging existing communication platforms operating at bases.