Dec 21 2016 Our Contact Center Solutions Aren’t For Everyone: Here’s What We Don’t Do


While MicroAutomation is a versatile organization that can tackle most call and contact center automation issues, there are areas where we are not the best fit.  Fortunately, maintaining the role as our clients’ trusted advisors, we not only accept our limitations, but we willingly communicate them to both our customers and our prospects. We want what is best for our clients, thus we use our decades of experience and relationships within the industry to guide them to the best solution possible.

While you can view the solutions that we offer here, we want to be open about what we do not do.

We Do Not…

  • We do not staff call centers. Rather, we focus strictly on call center automation.  If call centers are implemented in phases, we are usually involved in Phase 2 of the call center, which occurs once the call center has already been established with agents (i.e. Phase 1), and there is a need to enhance customer service, improve agent productivity, optimize the call center operations, or upgrade the technology.
  • We do not operate a call center for your outsourcing needs. We aim to enhance and improve your call or contact center with our products and 25 years of experience in the industry.  While our team is familiar with the challenges and considerations of operating call centers, it is not a service that we offer.
  • We do not sell or service Private Branch Exchanges (PBXs).Although our team is well versed in most of the telephone switching systems in the marketplace, our concentration in the call center market does not include the installation or servicing of PBX systems.  Candidly, we have been asked by many of our loyal customers to consider adding such a service to our portfolio.  However, we are always concerned that such an expansion of our services might dilute our core business.

From a return on investment (ROI) perspective, MicroAutomation’s on-premise call center solutions may not be a good fit for call centers that have fewer than 25 agents. Instead, we recommend those clients consider our cloud solutions since they require less initial investment and can be scaled for smaller centers.  In our experience, smaller call centers that wish to implement their own premise-based solutions are unable to generate sufficient ROI to justify the capital expenditure.  MicroAutomation strives to implement solutions that generate ROI in less than 1 year; typically our solutions produce an ROI in less than 6 months.  Therefore, cloud solutions are better suited for these customers.

Our “What We Don’t Do List”

This ‘”What We Don’t Do” list is not intended to dissuade potential clients from contacting us for advice or services.  MicroAutomation has always endeavored to be honest and forthcoming with clients, and we will continue to guide our clients on best practices and technologies in the call center industry.  We encourage you to reach out to us with any call center challenge you may have and experience how we at MicroAutomation can help you achieve your goals.